Pyramids Looter

An Indie Video Game developed with the Blender Game Engine

1. Summary

 " Pyramids Looter" is a free to play (but not open-source), donation based Video Game for Windows and Linux.

The game will be published by levels (1 hour of play per level).
The level 1 and level 2 are released.
The levels 3 and 4 (last one) will come when enough donation is done. 

Visit old Egyptian pyramids in this 3D puzzle game developed with the Blender Game Engine. 
Find the five egyptian treasures in each level by skipping all the various traps... 

2. Gallery

3. Gameplay Videos

Watch out ! Spoiler !
You will find here the two first levels of " Pyramids Looter":

4. Donate !

The way of donation is simple:
Contact us at and donate what you want by mentionning how you want to proceed:
- RIB / BIC (Bank Identifier Code)
- Mandat cash / Postal money order
- Cheque / Check

5. Download

You can download the Game (Levels 1 and 2) here:      Download Game File

6. Contact us

Feel free to contact us at:

7. FAQ

- unzip the downloaded file (with 7zip, Winzip or winrar)

- For the Linux users, launch the program file "Pyramids_Looter_32bit" from the "Linux" folder. No installation is required. Do not forget to activate the file as an executable file (Right-click > Properties > Permissions > activate as an executable). If it does not work, you can install Wine: and follow the procedure below for the Windows users...

- For the Windows users, launch the .exe file "Pyramids_Looter_32bit.exe" from the "Windows" folder. No installation is required.

"Pyramids Looter" has been tested on:
- Windows 7 64 bits
- Windows 8 64 bits
- Ubuntu 15.04 32 bits (in native mode and with Wine 1.7.38)

Known Bugs:

#1 On some configurations (not clearly identified), an important lag (slowing down) occurs during the first minutes of the game when you move the mouse...

#2 On some NVidia graphic cards on Linux, the Ambiant Occlusion (AO) option is noisy or does not function. Press the key "1" to deactivate the AO.
Press the key "2" to activate the AO again.